Home PAP Units

Positive airway pressure (PAP) machines are available with two different modes of operation, providing standard PAP or bilevel therapy.  BiPAP is a proprietary name for one brand of bilevel unit.  CPAP units function at fixed or slowly varying (APAP) pressures during both inhaling and exhaling.  Bilevel units function with one pressure for inhaling, and a lower pressure for exhaling.  Many patients feel that bilevel therapy is a much more comfortable breathing mode, however bilevel units are more expensive.  Therefore, most patients start with standard CPAP units.  Ask your physician if you are a candidate for bilevel therapy.  If you have trouble breathing with CPAP or APAP therapy, you may be eligible to upgrade to a bilevel device. 

Please note:  A valid prescription by a licensed healthcare provider is required for the purchase of PAP devices.