Although several brands of positive airway pressure (PAP) machines are marketed, only two have full data management capabilities, providing both online monitoring of usage and performance data as well as cell phone and tablet applications for users to monitor their own data.  The ResMed series is an integrated machine that has a built-in water chamber.  This makes the device compact and quiet.  The Philips-Respironics series offers a humidifier system that can be separated from the pressure device which makes travel easier if humidification is not required.  Buyers should consider which options best fit their personal needs.  If you travel often, consider a dedicated travel PAP device.  These are available in an extremely compact housing.  Several brands are available, varying significantly in price and quality.  Humidification is generally not available without adding a second device that adds significant bulk to the system.  ResMed has a new recirculation circuit that provides a modest degree of humidity when this is desired. 

 Please note:  A valid prescription by a licensed healthcare provider is required for the purchase of PAP devices.