DreamStation Go™ Overnight CPAP Battery

50.00 Ounces

For people on the Go, that love to travel, Philips Respironics™ developed the DreamStation Go™ overnight battery that is used with the   DreamStation Go™ Auto and DreamStation™ Fixed pressure CPAP Machine to provide you with the power you need while traveling off the power Grid, or for a back-up power source in case of a power outage.

The DreamStation Go™ CPAP Machine set at 10 cm of pressure displayed an average run time of 13 hours* when you're running off the DreamStation Go overnight battery.

The FAA approved battery are also safe to use on flights and only weighs 1.53 pounds.  The battery can also be set up to automatically switch the DreamStaton Go Auto CPAP to battery power in the event of a power outage, giving you the peace of mind that your sleep therapy will never be interrupted.

The DreamStation Go™ easy to read, display touchscreen shows the current battery pack charge status as well as switches to battery power if electricity fails. Four charge bars indicate a fully charged CPAP battery pack. The battery can be charged and remain attached while it is being used.